I just want to thank Judy for always making 3-4 hours of doing my hair, feel like 5minutes. The time spent at her salon.. is comfortable, and relaxing, and such a treat.. You never feel like you have been sitting there for so long. You are brilliant at what you do, and such a stunning person. Keep up the GOOD work :) :)

Chantel Moreira

Judy is a phenomenal hair stylist! I have been going to her for years, and am happy every time I leave her salon. When my time for wedding planning arrived, there was no question in my mind - Judy is the only person I would use for such an occasion! True to form, I was so impressed - our hair looked FANTASTIC! Thank you Judy for always putting in so much time, effort and commitment! xxx

Tahnee Galbraith

Consistently thrilled client!!

 I discovered Judy just before I got married several years ago, and thankfully so as she my hair looked exquisite for our wedding. Judy has been a fantastic hairdresser and whilst giving professional advise she always knows how to please her clients. I can't wait for our next appointment. I highly recommend Judy as a brilliant hairdresser.

Mrs Renee Pietersen

I went to Judy for a full head of highlights and left feeling beyond happy and relaxed! I have only gone to one hair dresser before Judy and the finished results made me wonder why! Thanks for making my hair beautiful and being SO affordable, I would recommend you to everyone! 


Super happy customer

I am thrilled to be re-united with Judy after so many years! The new salon is now in the perfect location. I am a Beauty Salon owner and never find the time to have my hair done... Judy's salon hours and willingness to fit me in, now means I can have my hair done on a Sunday!! :) A rare treat! Thanks Judy xx

Jolene Philips

Busy Salon Owner

Hi, I have been going Judy for 6 years. Judy is very professional and nothing short of one the best hair dressers I have gone to. I will only allow Judy to do my hair as well as daughters. Keep up the brilliant work. You are a star. Xx Nicky


Very satisfied customer

 I have used Judy from when she studied at school and Collage. She has good ideas and does my hair which she knows would suit me, My kids love having their hair done by Judy she makes them relaxed and love the feel of their hair after. i would recommend Judy to everyone.


Satisfied client

Thank you Judy for my new hairdo !! Judy is fabulous , so energetic, warm, friendly and always so helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone. 

Neerasha Dixon

At last I have found an excellent hairdresser !!

 I have been using Judy for a few years now. I am very fussy when it comes to my hair and very particular. Judy does my hair just right and makes me feel like a princess when I am done. I feel completely comfortable with her. She absolutely rocks!!!!


Awesome !!!

 I have used Judy since she was in college and saw her develop from a young hairdresser to a woman who can conquer any hair problem! She has dealt with my tangles and split ends and offers me the best for my hair. I shlep across borders because I know the quality is worth it! 

Cindy Kree

# 1 fan

If you are a satisfied customer please email a testimonial to judymcnamara1980@gmail.com

Judy is a great hairdresser and so skilled and versatile in what she does. she listens and goes the extra mile. Love going there and the relaxed environment and good vibe. Thanks Judy you rock.


Rowlene Friedlander

Ultimate Hair (Judy McNamara) is just brilliant - she is the quintessential professional with over 17 years' experience in the hairstyling industry. She has an amazing salon at home; is a 5 star colourist, cutter and blow-dryer and her prices are more than purse and budget friendly - I cannot recommend Judy highly enough!


Barbra Helm


Popped into Ultimate Hair yesterday for looonngggg overdue colour and cut and as always I left feeling like a million dollars! Thank you Judy! You are a star! #besthairdresseronplanetearth


Zelda Gauld

Months ago I was awarded a session at Ultimate Hair by Judy Mc Namara.

Due to scheduling and life happening I let months and months go by without visiting Judy.

Last week we decided today would be the day. 

People who know me know how bad I am at directions... Judy however does not know this

She contacted me and asked me if I am managing to find her... I said no freaking ways I am so frustrated driving in circles I should just go home.

Immediately she got her husband Terrence on the line and he said stay where you are I am coming to find you

My borrowed knight in shining armour appeared in my rear view mirror and diligently saved me from the surburbia that is Fontainbleu. 

Once safely at Judy's I was briskly greeted with a warm hug by a smiling woman who seemed genuinely happy to see me.

After my a million apologies to Terrence I was taken into Judy's beautiful salon which is freakishly clean and makes you feel right at home. 

The knight in shining armour offers me delicious smelling coffee whilst Judy noticing my shivering gets the gas heater going. 

I am instantly in heaven. 

Coffee arrives, my butt is warm again and I am sat down for my hair wash like royalty.

Judy worked her magic through my shampoo and needlesss to say, I enjoyed it so much I felt I needed to confess something to my husband about my new affair with Judy's hands.

I was sat down in her chair and she went to work... and work she did. When she was done I felt and looked like a million bucks -taking into consideration our current junk status - that means really, really good!

My experience with you Judy has been one I will never, ever forget

You and your wonderful husband are the nicest people I have met in a very long time and the only regret I have is that I had to leave.

Thank you to #freecycle for connecting me with Judy.

I cannot wait to see you again. 

Love, Karen



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